Beef Hamburg Bibimbap (비빔밥) AHJUMMA RECOMMENDS!!



/Umma- Son-Mat/ 

“The taste of mother’s hands”

My Korean mum once said the art of making kimchi is about conforming to the traditions. In Korea, mothers are the maestro in the kitchen, hence our slogan is this phrase: 엄마손맛 “The taste of mother’s hands”, for this case, it is literal as all of our food is laboriously made with love through my Korean mum’s hands, bringing the Korean kitchen into your household.

Product Description (More ingredients, more flavour, more beautiful)

Our Bibimbap needs no introduction, it’s one of our best selling hot meals and we have just elevated it further! This is for y’all that love Beef!! Our version starts with sourcing good ribeye cut, marinated with premium korean soy sauce, and our secret recipe. Bringing Korean BBQ into the bowl of Bibimbap! It comes with fluffy hot purple rice, a Large Beef Hamburg with our signature homemade marination. Fresh sautéed spinach, Carrots, along with sauteed shitake mushrooms, korean beansprouts, corn, korean black beans, korean mumallaegi radish, – 63 degree 60 min sous vide egg and a gamechanger, believe it, tater tots! Served also with our signature gochujang sauce on the side.  Its colourful, amazingly flavourful and despite the fried chicken katsu, surprisingly feels healthy. Great for WFH lunches, family gatherings or if you just wanna have a hearty meal whilst watching your K Drama. Finish this yummy Bibimbap within 4 hours, item is meant to be consumed at warm to room temperature.


Kokuho rice, Black glutinous rice, Beef Hamburg, Egg, Shitake mushroom, Spinach, Tater Tots, Carrots, corn, Soy beansprouts, Korean black beans, Korean radish, Sesame seed, Sesame oil, Soy, Honey, Garlic,. 

All our ingredients are sourced directly from Korea.

We are not Halal certified but there is no pork/lard/alcohol, meat we use is Halal.


Delivered by our delivery partners, we understand that the delivery fee of $8 is high and we welcome any customers with delivery vendors that can beat this price as we hope to bring the cost down. Currently, we are subsidising the cost of delivery and we implore your kind understanding. Self collection is not available at this moment.

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