Korean Seasoned Dried Radish – Mumallaengi Muchim (무말랭이무침) 250g AHJUMMA RECOMMENDS!!! *Online Promotion*

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/Umma- Son-Mat/ 

“The taste of mother’s hands”

My Korean mum once said the art of making kimchi is about conforming to the traditions. In Korea, mothers are the maestro in the kitchen, hence our slogan is this phrase: 엄마손맛 “The taste of mother’s hands”, for this case, it is literal as all of our food is laboriously made with love through my Korean mum’s hands, bringing the Korean kitchen into your household.

Product Description (New & Improved Recipe)

Mumallaengi-muchim is a traditional Korean banchan of dried radish marinated in a gochujang-spiked dressing. It is one of our favourite banchans of all time, when you bite into the radish, it is crunchy with many layers of flavours, sweet, salty, spicy and very addictive. Pair this with rice, ramyeon and simply every meal. It highlights one of the many fundamental techniques of Korean food preservation, and it is a must have in every fridge.


Dried Radish Strips, Korean Red Pepper Powder, Korean Plum Extract, Korean pear, Kelp, Mushroom, Carrots, White Radish Garlic, Ginger, Yellow Onion, Spring Onion, Sugar, Fermented Shrimp, Fish Sauce, Korean Glutinous Rice Powder.

All our ingredients are sourced directly from Korea.

We are not Halal certified but there is no pork/lard.


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