KOREAN + CHINESE STYLE SOY GARLIC ABALONE YUSHENG LARGE 8-10PAX(Only available from 19th to 28th jan)


Only available from 19th to 28th jan, please do not purchase this on other dates.

Celebrate Rabbit Year Chinese New Year with some delicious korean twist!

Korean + Chinese style Yusheng Large size (8-10pax), wrapped in tradtional korean cloth wrap.

All Yusheng comes with Songpyeon, homemade colourful korean rice cake desserts for FREE!!

From 19th jan to 28 jan 2023.

For orders on CNY days, 21st-24th Jan and SELF COLLECTION. Please read below:

whatsapp us on 8787087 to order, you can press the Whatsapp shortcut icon. There will only be CNY menu for 21st –  24th  Jan. No extra CNY surcharge. Delivery is between 11am-4pm only. Orders below $128, there will be delivery charge of $15. Self collection before 4pm. For ordering of other dishes not available for 21st – 24th jan,

Yusheng Ingredients:

  1. Korean Glass Noodles seasoned
  2. 2 types of special sauce. Korean style sesme garlic soy sauce & Chinese style speical yusheng sauce with yuzu
  3. Marinated soy garlic abalones
  4. Carrot strip
  5. Cucumber strip
  6. Red sweeten ginger
  7. Brown melon strip
  8. White sour ginger
  9. Sweeten lime strip
  10. Leek strip
  11. Pok chui biscuits
  12. Cinnamon powder
  13. Fried sesame seeds
  14. Pepper
  15. Peanuts

Beautifully wrapped in tradtional korean cloth wrap

It taste like traditional chinese style yusheng but elevated with our korean twist. So please do not be concern about the taste, it will be pleasant and widely accepted even to the elderly. 🙂

Please refrigerate and consume yusheng within same day upon receiving.

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